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About the Art

Artist Mat Cahill equates the creation of Snap Shots to a song writer’s process when composing. He says, “I look and capture what’s around me and then, unconsciously, I leave a trace of me and that moment on the paper.” Snap Shots captures several moments and individuals, each contained within their own square, but filling and occupying the space together with each other and the traces of the artist that run through them all.

Curator Insights

Annelien Bruins

Annelien Bruins said:

"The work is titled Snapshots: an interesting contradiction because Mat Cahill must have drawn this work with painstaking precision! I like the analogy with song-writing: Cahill has collected fragments of his imagination (or memory?) and has amalgamated them into a coherent whole. "

About the Artist

Mat Cahill is an artist who draws attention to transient moments. Focusing on the human form, his masterly drawn pieces transform identity into something anonymous, capturing “the disposable and forgettable moments of strangers partaking in mundane tasks.” Taking inspiration from a vast range of…

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