Ski Slopes

by Kristin Gaudio-Endsley

Painting - 51.0cm x 76.0cm

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  • Rebecca Gordon

    Curator Rebecca Gordon says:

    "Kristin Gaudio Endsley is an abstract artist whose work has quickly caught the eye of critics and collectors alike. I love the strong influence her fashion design training has on her work and this is probably a contributing factor to her work being recently published in British Vogue"

    Need to know

    • Gaudio-Endsley's mother is also an artist
    • She has been commissioned by international collectors
    • This is work that crosses the boundaries between abstract and street art
  • Ski Slopes

    Interiors/Exteriors, Kristin’s current series of works on canvas and paper, applies unconventional painting techniques to defined spaces. Using forced air, water, and gestures to capture motion and the effects of transformation on painted surfaces, the works in Interiors/Exteriors focus on contrasts, exploring ideas like deliberate/unintended. Color is the driving force behind each work. Kristin pulls the color from memories, focusing often on the pleasant and frivolous. Ski Slopes was created after a trip to Verbier, Switzerland in which the brightly colored winter gear whizzing by popped…

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    Kristin Gaudio-Endsley

    Abstract artist Kristin Gaudio-Endsley often uses forced air and water to create her appealing works. She collaborates with the urban artist Hannah Adamszek on street art portraits, and British Vogue has published her work.

    Gaudio-Endsley is from Virginia in the US, where her aesthetic sense was shaped by the clash of industry and nature around Baltimore. She originally trained in Fashion Design, and strong Influences still come from textiles: pattern and colour, craftsmanship, and the synthetic versus the natural. She's interested in questions of the artist's role - what is intentional an…

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    Original Art
    51.0cm x 76.0cm
    Ready to hang
    Acrylic and Oil on Paper

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