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About the Art

‘Starling’ is taken from Haser’s project ‘Stateless’. For the series, Alma has drawn inspiration from the migration of birds to tell a story of freedom and statelessness. The series was first conceived when Alma reflected on her stepfather’s plight to obtain a passport in England. Despite living in the country all his life, he was unable to obtain a passport for years due to an error on his birth certificate. Despite being free, he was somehow in limbo.
In ‘Stateless’, Alma conveys this story t…

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Curator Insights

Clyde Hopkins

Clyde Hopkins said:

"I think Alma’s portfolio is very interesting. Her studies of people in their surroundings are well lit and thoughtfully composed. She’s surprisingly good, as a young artist, at capturing the introspective or reflective mood of her ‘sitters’. I find hints of artists like Chardin, or the world of Lewis Carroll. Technically, her work is very good and quietly original."

Adriana Marques

Adriana Marques said:

"Alma Haser’s work achieves that fine balance in photographic practice between the constructed and the natural. The ‘Stateless’ series, which lies somewhere between taxidermic and wildlife photography, offers truly fascinating and unique images. "

About the Artist

Alma Haser is a young photographer, born in 1989 to an English mother and German father, both of them artists. Haser has worked in a wide range of media, including drawing and sculpture, but it's photography that has fascinated her the most and is the medium that she is currently exploring in most…

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