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About the Art

‘Checkpoint E’ belongs to Avigail’s Checkpoint series, where she explores the imposing and controlling nature of these architectural features. The work is a close-up of a checkpoint booth with no clear contextual references, loading the image with deeper meanings and questions.

Checkpoints are usually transitional spaces between two geographical places, typically on the frontier of two countries or two opposed political areas. It is precisely because Avigail refuses to let us know whether th…

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Curator Insights

Stephen Beddoe

Stephen Beddoe said:

"Avigail Talmor produces highly executed and graphically alluring prints that depict the unheralded and unloved utilitarian architecture of the modern municipality. The work, with its simple, strong and crisp aesthetic are reminiscent of artists and designers such as Patrick Caulfield and Peter Saville, which in their turn relate back to post-pop generation and hyper-graphics of the 1970’s and 1980’s."

Edward Cutler

Edward Cutler said:

"I like Avigail Talmor's work for its simplicity and technique. It reminds me of Ed Ruscha's work, which I have always admired, with the ability to conjure up so many thoughts and implications from the isolation of a single architectural element. It is one of the most effective and impressive of all the work I have reviewed on the site so far."

About the Artist

Avigail Talmor is a painter living and working in Tel-Aviv. Her work is deeply concerned with the relationship between the institutionalized and the private space. The tension between safe and threatening environments is key in her paintings, which usually depict isolated architectural structures a…

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