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About the Art

This piece is part of Alma's 'Paper' series, a narrative project where she wrote a story and then photographed the scene to fit the description. Here is the story Alma wrote for this photograph: Poppy is 18 years, 1 month and 20 days old. She has a fear of flying. When she was 5 she witnessed a plane crash. She has been folding paper planes and flying them into the open fire periodically ever since.

Curator Insights

Clyde Hopkins

Clyde Hopkins said:

""I think Alma’s portfolio is very interesting. Her studies of people in their surroundings are well lit and thoughtfully composed. She’s surprisingly good, as a young artist, at capturing the introspective or reflective mood of her ‘sitters’. I find hints of artists like Chardin, or the world of Lewis Carroll. Technically, her work is very good and quietly original.""

Adriana Marques

Adriana Marques said:

""Alma Haser’s work achieves that fine balance in photographic practice between the constructed and the natural. Her works offer truly fascinating and unique images.""

About the Artist

Alma Haser is a young photographer, born in 1989 to an English mother and German father, both of them artists. Haser has worked in a wide range of media, including drawing and sculpture, but it's photography that has fascinated her the most and is the medium that she is currently exploring in most…

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