Old Masters Revisited 8

by Marina Jijina

Old Masters Revisited 8 by Marina Jijina

Painting - 61cm x 76cm

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  • Old Masters Revisited 8

    Marina Jijina's Old Masters Revisited 8 is an original infusion of two enigmatic female characters: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Lewis Carroll's Alice in the Wonderland.Innocence combined with power as the foundation of femininity are in the focus of this representation. Oil on canvas.

    Marina Jijina

    The work of Russian-born artist Marina Jijina is largely inspired by her personal experiences growing up in Soviet Russia, as well as contemporary and minimalist music. Viewing painting as a necessary way of communication and a method for exploring the subconscious, the artist's work attempts to express the vulnerabilty of humankind

    Marina graduated from the Ioganson School of Fine Art in Saint Petersburg. Her work has been exhibited at solo shows throughout Europe and hangs in collections worldwide.

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