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About the Art

Impressions are a series of small works on paper and a fresh approach to Tahnee's usual style of painting. Spontaneous and free flowing, as the name implies each impression is a little piece of a world which the artist then uses as inspiration for her larger work. Each painting in this series tells a story, and the characters within them are the same who inhabit the artist's larger pieces. Only here the characters occupy a larger portion of that world, enhancing the impact and intimacy of the w…

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Curator Insights

Medeia Cohan-Petrolino

Medeia Cohan-Petrolino said:

"Tahnee's works are visually pleasing, but hard to place. It could be the bright colour pallet, the playful tone, or the retro feel, but whatever it is, it works. Her artwork is challenging, contemporary and has wonderful detail."

Adriana Marques

Adriana Marques said:

"Tahnee creates fresh and daring paintings. Her work takes a small step from the abstract to the figurative. Quite beautiful and intimate works."

About the Artist

The work of Tahnee Lonsdale is a reflection of the artist and an external expression of how she views the world. Her painting combines classical abstract and contemporary techniques that draw the viewer into her universe. Influenced heavily by the writings of Murakami, Tahnee leaves clues throughou…

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