by Kristjana S Williams

Edition of 50 - 42.0cm x 59.4cm


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  • Rebecca Gordon

    The Insider Rebecca Gordon says:

    "Kristjana Williams is an award winning artist whose vibrant illustrations have gained her widespread critical acclaim and won her commissions from Liberty, Paul Smith and The Connaught Hotel to name a few. By interweaving fragments of Victorian engravings with contemporary illustration and colouring she creates magical landscapes filled with exotic creatures. "

    Need to know

    • Her murals have been featured at London's V&A museum and the Chanel Group and Paul Smith have bought her work
    • Kristjana won the prestigious New York Festival Grand Prize & was Shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Festival
    • The New York Times placed her at the forefront of what they call the 'New Antiquarian' movement
  • Hjortur

    Hjortur is a limited edition print by Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams. Kristjana sees symmetry in all living things, and as such creates fantastical creatures merging animals and nature with exotic scenes. Hjortur is an example of this. The exotic animals are juxtaposed against floral and fauna. The shape of the leaves cover the stag's face. What lies beneath?

    Kristjana S Williams

    Exotic flora and fauna come alive in the work of Kristjana S Williams, an Icelandic artist who was previously Creative Director of the fashion and design store Beyond The Valley.

    Although she grew up surrounded by stark grey landscapes, her uncle told rich stories which led Williams to imagine "wishful forests, landscapes and creatures". This sense of imagination still flows through her work, which is full of dramatic colour and botanical flights of fantasy. Williams creates impossible creatures, merging butterfly wings with parrots or skulls, ferns and flowers. Victorian natura…

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    Limited Edition
    of 50
    42.0cm x 59.4cm
    Ready to hang
    Printed on Epson Pro 11880. Ink (K3)

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